These Electrical Construction Upgrades Could Make Your “Fixer Upper” Safe And Beautiful

Did you buy an older home that you intend to renovate? Perhaps you are planning to rent the home, resell it, or use it as a starter home for yourself. You likely have a number of things in mind that you intend to do to beautify your home. Ensure that in the midst of your planning you do not overlook the importance of safety. Electrical repairs and upgrades should be on your checklist, and electrical construction can beautify and protect your investment. 

Replace fuse box.

If the home you purchased has a fuse box, you should consider getting it replaced with a circuit breaker. Blown fuses can be an inconvenience, and you will likely find that your modern electronics cause you to blow fuses regularly. This is because today’s electronics consume more electricity than electronics from yesteryear. Fuse boxes were built to accommodate the power demands of appliances and electronics from a different era. Attempting to use fuses that are designed to withstand more electricity but not the recommended amperage for your fuse box could result in an electrical fire. 

Upgrade kitchen and bathroom lighting.

Consider investing in recessed lighting in these areas. You could also benefit from replacing standard light switches with dimmer switches. Adding lighting under cabinets and vanities can make your home’s lighting scheme look more modern. 

Repair or replace the wiring.

Your home may have wiring that is prone to causing fires. Aluminum wiring has been known to do this. You may also have exposed wires in your home that need to be covered due to the possible risk of electrocution or a fire. Rodents such as mice could chew through exposed wires and cause a fire too. If you are doing some of the renovations or decorating yourself, you may also need to have wiring replaced if you drill or nail something to the wall and accidentally damage a wire behind the wall. 

Replace outlets.

If you have small children, consider having your outlets changed to tamper resistant outlets. This will reduce the chances of curious children digging their fingers or other objects into electrical outlets, which could harm them. Some children may be crafty enough to pull socket covers out of sockets, but tamper resistant outlets pose a greater challenge. This would also be an ideal investment if you have plans to the rent the home because the family that rents from you might have children. If you plan to have the outlet covers replaced, it is also sensible to have all of your outlets tested and inspected to ensure that they work and are not potential electrical hazards.

An electrical contractor is a good resource to use for your electrical construction upgrades. They can also inspect your home to determine if there are any electrical hazards you may not be aware of.