Three Ways To Keep Your Restaurant’s Dining Room Cleaner

Although it’s important to keep the kitchen clean, keeping the front of the restaurant clean is especially important. As the first impression that a guest will have about your restaurant, a clean dining room speaks volumes. On a busy day, things can quickly get chaotic in a restaurant making cleaning a difficult task. However, there are a number of factors you can consider beforehand that will make the cleaning process easier; here are some of them.

Condiment Holders

Choose your tabletop condiment holders wisely. Without proper thought, barbecue sauce, mustard, ketchup or any other sauce can quickly get splattered all over, leaving a huge mess for your team to clean. Although a number of restaurants have shifted towards using the plastic, squeezable holders, you might want to think again.

With these holders, it’s fairly easy to squeeze too hard and cause the contents inside to splatter. You might want to choose a traditional glass bottle container with an easy to close lid, instead. Although it might seem more laborious to fill these bottles, they don’t come with the same mess making risks as the squeeze bottles.

Younger Guests

Make sure you keep your younger guests in mind. In a restaurant, many children don’t enjoy having to be quiet and keep still because it’s boring. This boredom can quickly turn into curiosity that can sometimes lead to a mess. If a child doesn’t have anything to do, tearing their straw wrapper into a million pieces might come across their mind, leaving you with a huge mess to clean before seating your next guests.

Keep your younger guests in mind by having activities available for them. If your budget is limited, you can stick with a traditional activity book. However, if there is room in the budget, consider offering tablets for game play. You can recoup all of your initial investment with the fees you charge to play the games.


If you aren’t choosing your linens correctly, you probably are only creating more cleanup work. First, choose colors based on the type of food you serve. It’s much easier to mask a small sauce stain on a dark colored fabric than a light one. If your restaurant uses a lot of sauces, choose darker shades.

In terms of fabric selection, polyester is a great choice because it is very budget friendly. However, it is also highly resistant to wrinkles and is not very absorbent which can help prevent stains from penetrating deep within the surface, making it easier to clean. Contact a company like Central Uniform & Linen Supply Company to learn more about table linens. 

Make sure you are looking at every aspect of your restaurant with cleaning in mind to make things easier for your team.

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