4 Things That Could Be Causing Water Flow Problems When You Have A Well

If you have a personal well on your property and water is flowing properly, you may not spend much time maintaining the well. However, when you do have a problem with water flow, here are some well issues that may be causing it and what you may be able to do to solve the problem.

You Have a Shallow Well

In order for your pump to work efficiently, it always has to be submerged in water. If it isn’t, it will start to pump air and you will not see any water in your home. This usually happens because the pump is not situated deep enough in the well or the well itself is too shallow. You may be able to fix this problem by making the well deeper so your pump is always under water.

Your Pump is Too Small

You may be having water flow trouble in your home because your well pump is not big enough or powerful to pump enough water to all the rooms that need it. You might simply have to pick up a stronger pump at any home improvement store and have it installed professionally.

This problem is likely to happen to you if you have made home improvements or new additions to your household. Did your sister and her family move in with you recently, for instance? Did you add another bathroom or put in an irrigation system? Any of these changes could mean you need a more powerful pump to deliver water to your home.

Your Well Pump Might Be Cracked

In colder months, you might get no water at all in any of the rooms in your house. You may first think the pipes have frozen, but it could very well be a problem with your pump. The reason this happens is that your pump is filled with water, and if the water freezes, it will expand and you may see cracks in your pump which ultimately cause the pump to malfunction..

To make sure that doesn’t happen, try to maintain a temperature that is above freezing near your well. You might choose to put a well house around the pump or use a ceramic heater that is thermostat-controlled. If your pump does become cracked or damaged as a result of freezing water, you will have to replace it.

There Might Be A Cave-In

Another reason you might be having trouble with your water flow is that the well walls are experiencing a cave-in. The walls of your well may be experiencing too much pressure from surrounding soil and crack as a result. Cracks in the the well walls can become large and allow rocks and soil to enter the well housing and cause problems with water collection inside your well.

If this happens, you will need to clean your well and replace the walls. You may also want to consider moving your well to another location so that the problem doesn’t happen again.

Use the information in this article to get a better idea of what might be the cause of your water flow problems when using a well. To be sure you get to the root of the problem, enlist the help of a good water well drilling company, such as Rippe Well Service INC, in your area. They will be able to accurately diagnose the problem and get it fixed right away.

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