Having Fluid Problems With Your Manufacturing Machines? A Few Important Tips

Do you feel like your machine fluids are always dirty and have to be changed? The cause could be that your filtration system and filters aren’t working properly, and that they are dirty and they need to be replaced. By paying attention to your filters, you can preserve fluid and the machinery.

Paying attention to detail is one of the most important things. Consider the following options when you try to fix your constant fluid problem, and so you can save money throughout the year.

Schedule Routine Filter Changes

The filters need to be changed out regularly to help the machines run efficiently, and to keep the fluids clean. Your floor managers should have a schedule of when the filters need to be changed, and they should be monitoring the hours logged on the machines to see if the schedule change needs to be altered at any time. Instead of waiting until the machine starts having problems, you should get ahead of the problem and change the filters accordingly.

Not only should you have regular filtration changes, but machine maintenance. Have your mechanics create a maintenance schedule to prevent repairs that could shut down manufacturing for an extended period of time.

Consider Self-Cleaning Filtration Systems

Some machines could have the current filters exchanged for self-cleaning filtration systems that reduce the amount of time you have to spend changing or cleaning the filters, and that save money since the filters don’t have to be replaced as often. Talk with a filtration supplier, like PFC Equipment, Inc, to see what different option they have, and to see what it’s going to cost you to replace the filters that you are currently using.


If air in the space is constantly moist, the liquids in the machines could be diluted. It could be causing issues for the filters and the liquids, and making it difficult for the filters to maintain the quality of the fluid. Have the fluids tested if you think moisture is a problem, and if you can see condensation when you open up the machines.

Maintaining your machine fluids on the shop floor can make a huge difference when you have to stay on a timeline for productivity. Don’t let the machinists and the mechanics slack on the job or avoid changing and cleaning the filters when needed, and look into getting filters that can maintain themselves. Making an investment now should save you time and money throughout the year.

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