Country Living – Simple Road Dust Control Tips

For those who have lived next to a dirt road, road dust is a serious problem. No matter how well your home is sealed, you will have to endure a constant battle to keep your home dust-free. Road dust can cause allergies and irritation to your sinuses, as well as make it harder to keep up with the house cleaning. While much of the road dust control is out of your hands and relies upon the county in which you live, here are some tips that dirt-road dwellers can use to keep the dust down.

Rinse Foliage near the House

Any shrubs, plants or trees that you have near your home will gradually accumulate plenty of dust, especially during the summer in a dry spell. It’s always a good idea to regularly get out your hose and rinse down all of the plants and foliage near your home. This will prevent that dust from moving further into the cracks and crevices of your home itself.

Even if you don’t have any ornamental plantings, you should still rinse down all sidewalks, grass and any other objects next to the house.

Keep the House Sealed

It’s amazing how easily dust seems to sneak in through cracks in your window and door seals, so be sure that you check the seals to ensure better protection. Replace any seals that are old or weathered, and keep your windows and doors closed as much as possible.

If you aren’t sure if your home is air-tight, light a candle and set it near a door or window. Watch the flame, and if it dances or moves a lot, you will know that you have a leak, and can replenish the sealer around the area.

Plant Trees

One way to prevent dust from heading from the road into your house is to plant trees or thick and tall shrubs next to the road. Over time, this will create a barrier that will hold back at least some measure of the dust. Additionally, you will gain privacy and a noise-break as well.

The closer together you plant the trees or shrubs, the better they will act as a dust and noise barrier.

Although it takes constant vigilance to keep your home relatively dust-free if you live on a dirt road, these simple steps, when used regularly, can help ensure that you can win the battle. By planning ahead and being proactive, you can enjoy the country life without the inconvenience of a dusty house. To learn more, contact a business like GMCO Corporation.

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