2 Commonly Encountered Problems With Well Pumps

Ensuring that your home has a stable and clean supply of drinking water is essential for keeping your home a pleasant place to be. For those that lack access to a sewer and water system, a groundwater well may be the best option for meeting this need. Yet, these systems are more complex than many homeowners realize, and this can allow them to experience a wide range of problems and issues. The following questions and answers should help you to address some of the problems that your home’s well pump may encounter. 

Why Is The Water From The Well Discolored?

A relatively common complaint is the water changing colors. Interestingly, this can happen gradually or you may simply notice the water is a drastically different color one day to the next. Unfortunately, this problem can be caused by numerous issues, and most of them are severe. 

If the water has developed a reddish color, there is a good chance that rust has entered your system. In addition to being unpleasant to drink, this can contribute to mineral buildups and corrosion in your pipes. When the water appears to have soil in it, a damaged filter or ruptured seal are often to blame. To repair these problems, you will likely want to seek the services of a trained professional, because improper repairs can cause further issues for your well. 

What Is Causing Some Rooms To Have Low Water Pressure?

Another frequent issue is a decrease in the water pressure to certain rooms in your home. Often, these rooms are at a higher elevation than the rest of the home. When you start to notice this problem occurring, your well pump is experiencing a mechanical malfunction, and this is preventing it from pushing enough water through the pipes to reach these areas of your home. 

Unfortunately, this problem may require replacing the well pump to repair. This will depend on the amount and type of damage that occurred to the pump. You can reduce your chances of needing to pay this expense by having this problem inspected as soon as you notice a decrease in water pressure, because this may allow the contractor to repair the problem before it is able to worsen. 

When your home’s well pump is malfunctioning, the quality of life inside your home can plummet. By understanding the causes of low pressure and discolored water, you will be more able to protect your home from these potential disruptions. Contact a well pump repair company like David Cannon Well Drilling for more information.

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