Important Tips For Choosing The Right Parking Barrier System

If you own or manage a commercial facility of any sort, including an apartment complex, office building, or manufacturing facility, you may want to think about a parking barrier system. This is a system that stops traffic at your entrance in order to control who is allowed access to your property. There are a number of systems from which to choose so consider some important tips on how to find the right one for your facility.

Swing Arm Systems

A swing arm is a very basic system with an arm that raises and lowers to allow access. They can be connected to a booth where an operator needs to manually open the arm; this means visitors would need to physically check in with the operator and show identification or otherwise be approved for entrance. The arm can also be connected to a small stand that can read identification cards, accept access codes, or issue a parking ticket for access to the facility.

The drawback of these arms is that they don’t provide much security at the entryway. Someone on foot can simply bypass the arm and a car can easily drive right through a flimsy wooden arm. If you do choose a swing arm system it may be good to invest in a thick metal arm that won’t simply splinter if someone were to try to drive through it, for additional security.

Rolling Gates

These are typically the most secure type of parking barrier system as a large gate is not easy for a car or other vehicle to simply crash through, and they are also a better deterrent against a person on foot entering the property. A gate can be wrought iron and decorative, such as for an apartment complex that wants a nice entryway, or it can be made of a sturdy chain link as you might see in a manufacturing setting.

For additional security, a rolling gate can also be connected to a booth that is manned by an operator and may even be fitted with barbed wire at the top to stop someone from climbing it.


A bollard is a thick column which lowers into the ground to allow vehicles through. This type of system is very effective at allowing only one vehicle through at a time, as bollards are quick to rise up again. They are commonly used in the UK in bus lanes, so that cars do not follow busses through. Because of their thick size, they cannot simply be toppled over or driven through, such as with a metal fence or swing arm. Consider a bollard system if you need maximum security and control of the flow of traffic in your parking system.

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