3 Advantages From Using Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives have been growing in popularity over the past few years in the fields of industry and manufacturing. This piece of machinery, designed to control an electric motor by changing the amount of energy that the motor gets and the speed at which the motor runs, has allowed industries to increase their efficiency and decrease costs. There are a number of different advantages associated with using a variable frequency drive.

1. Reduce Overall Energy Consumption and Costs

A motor does not need to be used at full capacity all the time. If the motor can’t be controlled, then the extra energy that is being used will be lost. The company using the motor is paying for energy that isn’t actually helping them make money. To reduce this waste, companies can get a variable frequency drive that will run the motor at the exact level that is required, improving overall energy efficiency and decreasing the amount of money that the company has to pay for power.

Reducing the amount of energy used also allows companies to hit certain requirements for energy efficiency provided by the government and receive the corresponding tax benefits or energy rebates. These can drastically improve a company’s profit margin.

2. Increase Production Quality

When the motors that are running the machines are controlled, it reduces the number of errors that the machines make. This improves the quality of each batch of products being made. There is also less jerking or sudden stops when the motor is being controlled, which further decreases the chances that mistakes will be made.

3. Increases Longevity of the Motor

When a motor starts normally, there will be a sudden shock because the entire line starts at the same time with a jerk. With a motor that is controlled by a variable frequency drive, the entire system will start smoothly. This reduces the strain that is put on the motor and will therefore extend its life. This will save the company a great deal of money because it will not have to pay to replace the motor as often, as well as maintain productivity levels. 

By purchasing a variable frequency drive, it is possible for a company to cut energy costs, qualify for energy rebates, increase productivity and quality, and increase the lifespan of its machinery. All of these advantages combine to help a company increase its profit margins and become more successful. Try this site for more information.

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